Roof Structures

When speaking figuratively about a harmonious family home, we refer to its four corners that are held firmly in place. When building a house, a no less important part of the whole structure is a roof.

Litimbera manufactures roof trusses in accordance with the most recent standards:

  • We use specialised RoofCon and TrussCon software for drafting architectural plans and manufacturing-related documents;
  • We use dried, calibrated, and graded timber for construction;
  • We cut and press timber using Randek Bautech CNC saw and press;
  • We use MiTek nail plates for joining structures together;
  • Our products are certified by BM TRADA and bear the CE marking.

The History of MiTek Truss Manufacturing Equipment

MiTek Industries is a global leader in the production of structural connectors. It has representatives and partners in many European countries, such as France, Germany, UK, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, and Romania as well as in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Africa, and Zimbabwe.

MiTek was established as a family business in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in 1942. The company grew and, having gone through various stages of improving its manufactured equipment, is currently operating in five continents and takes up 76% of the global market.

In 2008, MiTek Industries AB launched MiTek Baltic, its first branch in the Baltic States. MiTek Baltic is responsible for introducing truss manufacturing technologies and selling steel connector plates, an inherent component of the industrially manufactured timber trusses, in the Baltic market. In order to speed up the supply of nail plates to the clients all across the Baltics, the company has opened a warehouse in Riga.

MiTek Truss Anchor: Freedom to Choose Forms

Using MiTek connector plates with roof trusses ensures maximum structural strength and lightness. Therefore, it is the best solution for creating a large open space without columns or walls in any commercial, residential or agricultural building.

The load of such roof structures is incredibly light, which eliminates the need for purchasing a firm supporting base and, consequently, reduces costs. Moreover, using MiTek connector plates with roof trusses is also the most effective way of roofing a residential house. The form of trusses or the windows, skylights, and other roof elements do not have any influence on work efficiency: the more identical elements there are in the architectural plan, the faster and cheaper the job can be accomplished.

Another reason to use MiTek roof trusses is that they offer unlimited possibilities to mount skylights anywhere the designer deems fit. Because wooden roof trusses are exceptionally light and strong, a roof structure easily holds even big windows, skylights or rows of them.

Moreover, a truss roof has a significant and unique characteristic: its slopes may be used for installing electrical wiring, water or gas supply routes.


Clean and Fast Construction Process

All the components of trusses with connector plates are supplied ready for assembly. No additional materials or hard work in bad weather conditions are required.

A chance of making a mistake is close to none – the parts fit together like puzzle pieces. Hence, assembly does not take long. As a result, the number of employees and equipment required as well as costs at a construction site are reduced considerably.

A plate-connected truss technology may also be applied in the construction of large buildings.


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