Public and Commercial Buildings

Historically, wooden architecture was never restricted to residential houses; timber was also used for constructing public and sacral buildings. The possibilities of applying timber-framed construction technologies are endless.

Room for the architect’s and designer’s imagination, short construction duration, and excellent thermal insulation properties are only a few advantages of timber-framed panel houses. A friendly price is another weighty argument in favour of a wooden house for commercial, household or industrial use.

Litimbera has been improving its technologies for a number of years, during which it has constructed originally-designed and yet practical office buildings, hotels, pavilions, kiosks, stages for shows, workshops, and other timber-framed panel structures that meet their purpose and our clients’ wishes.

We manufacture and erect public and commercial wooden buildings of various sizes and models. You are welcome to provide your own design or choose one of ours. CNC wood processing machines that "read" the architectural plans and detailed panel drawings prepared by our constructors ensure the best manufacturing speed and quality.

What kind of building would you like to start your business in?

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