Residential Houses

Timber-framed panel houses are built using the completely prefabricated wall panels with exterior and, in certain cases, also with interior finish. The process is described below. 

The first and the most important stage of constructing a timber-framed house is working with an architect and a constructor in order to revise and adjust the architectural plan of your house. The clearer and the more precise it is, the better the result, as all the corrections need to be made prior to the manufacturing of the panels. A world-old rule "Measure twice and cut once" applies well here.

With the help of our professional constructors and cutting-edge software, a creative idea turns into a reliable technical plan, according to which wooden components of the panels are manufactured using a CNC wood processing machine. They are then assembled neatly and swiftly on a modern panel production line.

Afterwards, all the house panels are transported to the construction site and assembled on top of the foundation in 
2-3 days. This way, wall and span structures are protected from detrimental weather effects.

Constructing a house is often imagined as a lengthy process, making one wait for the end result and having a work schedule depend on weather conditions, the need for materials – on financial capabilities. A timber-framed panel house manufacturing and erecting technology settles any doubts: even the most impatient clients save time.

Timber-framed panel houses and other buildings manufactured by Litimbera comply with technical specifications and thermal resistance regulations that are a major criterion in choosing a home; they also meet all the relevant design criteria and our clients’ taste. This has helped us gain the trust of both Lithuanian and foreign clients. You can view our completed projects here.

 We manufacture and erect residential houses of various sizes and models. You are welcome to provide your own design or choose one of ours. Should you have any questions, please call us at +370 46 451 899 or send us an email at