About us

A warm and “breathing” wooden house or a cold stone castle? It is probably not even worth asking which one of the two you would rather live in! However, if you are still not certain, Litimbera specialists will help you make up your mind.

The company manufactures:

  • Timber-framed panel homes
  • Industrial and other buildings
  • Trusses
  • Construction timber blanks
  • Lining boards

Litimbera UAB was founded in 1995. Since 2002, it has been operating as a wood processing company. We take pride in the experience that we have acquired over the years, as it allows us to provide top-quality services and ensures our consistent development. By cooperating with Lithuanian forest enterprises, Russian wood processing companies, and individual forest owners, we implement private and commercial orders in Lithuania, Latvia, Kaliningrad Region (Russia), Sweden, and Norway.

According to historians, it is here, in the forested lands of Northern Europe and Scandinavia, that the first wooden homes were erected. Wooden buildings are still popular in these countries today,- especially as the technologies have substantially progressed. Litimbera UAB is a modern company that gives priority to rational manufacturing processes and our clients’ needs from the moment of providing initial consultation to handing in the keys to the new house.

Do you need an advice?

Feel free to contact Litimbera specialists by phone at +370 46 451 899 or send your questions/requests by email at info@litimbera.lt or pardavimai@litimbera.lt. With professional help, your dream of an incredibly cosy home will easily become a reality.