Manufacturing and Quality

Turning wood into a building material is a short process. Forest-scented logs come first UAB „Litimbera“  computerized dryers. The next stage is cutting, planing and pressing with state-of-the-art special equipment.

When choosing wood suitable for the production of home structures, it is necessary to gradate the beam, i.e. y. determine its strength class. Elements and densities of wood, tensile strength, bending resistance and compression shall be taken into account in the assessment. Certified BM TRADA specialists in the UK graduate „Litimbera“  structural timber with C16 and C24 stamps. These two classes of structural timber are the most popular in Europe.

In cooperation with certified architects, panel-frame houses and other structures produced by „Litimbera“ are not only functional and comfortable, but also comply with the actual design requirements and the client's taste. With the help of professional designers and state-of-the-art software, the creative idea is transformed into a sound technical project.

Specialists say a lot about the names of „Litimbera's“ equipment manufacturers:Dietrich's, Roof Con's construction management software specifically for the design of timber structures, precision cutting equipment Cruise Matic and Randek's ability to execute the most complex drawings, and in a modern panel production line, parts of the future structure are assembled with high quality and speed.

The trusses manufactured by Litimbera  are CE marked, which certifies the product in compliance with the European Union EN 14250: 2010 requirements for health, safety and environmental protection and ensures its free movement within the Single Market of the European Free Trade Association and the European Union.