Construction Timber

Timber processed at Litimbera is used for building framed and panel houses, roof and other structures. We dry timber in certified kilns and use Weinig planing machines for calibration and planing.

Dried to the 16-18% moisture content level, calibrated timber is then graded (its strength category is determined) as per stress and strength requirements applicable to C16 or C24 category timber, which are listed in the Guidelines for Planning Buildings. In accordance with the European Technical Construction Regulation, Litimbera only uses dried, calibrated, and C24 graded timber for manufacturing roof structures (trusses).

Additional Methods of Wood Treatment

In order to prolong and ensure the expected service life of timber as a construction material, our specialists recommend to further treat it as required, depending on product functionality

One of the methods is impregnating, which prevents mould, decay, insects, bacteria and fungi. Impregnation is performed in several stages. The whole process takes place in the vacuum conditions, so that the impregnator penetrates deeply and is almost impossible to remove. Green or brown impregnator is used. This method of wood treatment is generally used for outdoor structures or decorative elements, such as foot-bridges, railings, wooden pathways, observation platforms or notice boards.

It should be noted that manually impregnating-boards at home does not equal professional treatment of wood using a special technology. Therefore, the results are different. Timber impregnated by the specialists during the manufacturing process is protected from the inside and forms resistance to adverse weather effects.

Another way to protect timber is to use special fire-retardant impregnators. Modern products are very effective; therefore, carefully treated timber develops long-term protection that does not need to be renewed. At the same time, it does not limit the possibilities of painting or decorating. Fire-retardant products should be used on all wooden roof and span structures.

When preparing timber for the facade or other exterior structures of a house as well as for finishing, it should be protected from the detrimental effect of UV rays. Such protection is ensured by using special impregnators or paints that are used to cover timber in accordance with a special painting scheme.  It is recommended to paint the cladding of the facade, battens, fences as well as outdoor structures – carports, garages, gazebos, and terraces.

Only duly prepared timber will serve for many years to come! 

ProfileHeightWidth Length                                          Processing
20 45 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Dried, calibrated
45 45 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Dried, calibrated
45 70 6 Dried, calibrated
45 95 3,6 / 4,2 / 4,8 / 5,4 / 6 Dried, calibrated
45 145 3,6 / 4,2 / 4,8 / 5,4/ 6 Dried, calibrated
45 195 3,6 / 4,2 / 4,8 / 5,4 / 6 Dried, calibrated

      45             240       3,6 / 4,2 / 4,8 / 5,4 / 6                                           Dried, calibrated

      95              95         6                                                                             Dried, calibrated


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